Birthday Trip!

6:00 AM

My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Banff/Canmore for the weekend for my birthday.What beautiful places!!! Here are some pictures:

We stayed at WorldMark by Wyndham-Very nice place!

It has a little kitchen/eating area

Living room


Excuse the mess, I should have taken pictures the first day lol

It was a really nice hotel, and so sweet of my boyfriend to take me away for the weekend...The was one of the first times we actually went away together in like 3 years lol.

When we went to Banff we hit up the Bow Falls Trail first, I actually had never been to that before which is so close from downtown, seriously a 5 minute walk and so amazing!

Trail to the falls ( I think horses take people through on the little karts here)

We walked along the smaller path near the water

I freakin love flowers, who doesn't?

I love love love these, they look like Daisy's-Maybe they are? I am not good with flower types. Daisy's are my favorite!

It was really hard to capture the falls on my camera,it wasn't like a big water fall but it was a drop with lots of current.

When we got to the top we had a Monster =)

Once we were a the top you could see Banff Springs hotel

This place is MASSIVE!!!! Castle like, and I have read books/web pages of where this is haunted!

There was a wedding going on and everything looked absolutely gorgeous!!!

Everything was so creepy when it was dark inside, this building was built in 1888 according to their web site, how it looks this good if its that old I have no idea! I was kind of hoping we might run into something creepy creepy.. There is a story online where a bride fell down the stars on her wedding night and died. Staff have reported seeing her dancing in the dining room at night. So sad and so creepy!I

Of course no one really knows if its haunted, the hotel denies anything of the sort of course but I kinda believe in ghosts... This is the site I read a couple of stories From here.

Sorry these pictures are kind of random, I just didn't remember what area was what and there were a TON of people everywhere!

I think this is where the bride gets ready, I was going to take a picture of the Groom's door but there was a man standing outside it so I couldn't.

You could only got to floor 9 but it had to have been higher, since it is a massive castle hotel!

The hallways were dark, cool but creepy!

I found an unlocked door, it was pitch black inside, so I turned my flash and hoping to see something interesting but it was just a weird lil closet

We did find a stair case that went above the 9th floor, it was guest rooms. I did take a video but it's not that exciting so I wont post it.

Okay here are some randoms:

I totally want that monster!!!!!!

I love this bench!

My Swiss cheese/spinach/Spicy Feta Cheese Pita with fries =)

I love these, they are gorgeous!! They were outside the Banff Springs Hotel

Cotton Candy Ice Cream, my FAV!

so weird, when we got home it looked like a little pile of snow by our garage... I am guessing it was hail? I hope it didn't snow in August but it wouldn't surprise me.

my old little car hit 162,000 km on our trip! I think its time for a new one soon ;)

That's my weekend away pictures, Where was the last place you went too?

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  1. Love all the pretty photos! Glad you had a nice little trip. Your too funny with your Monster energy drink at the top of the mountain ehhh...

    Great post!

  2. Lovely pics, that ice cream looks so yummy x x

  3. Ahh it looks so fun over there!! Lol, I am all interested in the paranormal world, so I clicked on that link you have and was all researching lol. Those stories are eerie, but they don't sound like harmful ghosts. Just lost ones or something. Dude, that feta/swiss pita looks delish! I want to travel to Canada sometime.. you guys seem so chill. like no one hates you unlike us Americans lol.

  4. Those flowers are so pretty! Looks like you had fun dear :) Happy Birthday!

  5. aww it looks so lovely!
    Lucy x

  6. @Mrsmakeup-LOL Monster is one of my loves =) We had to have some when we made it to the top!

    @Lalalucy1000-Cotton Candy ice cream is sooooo freakin good =)

    @Cerina-Haha that's cool you like that stuff, we could go ghost hunting together after our Blink concert and spray tans lol. British Columbia is my FAVORITE place in Canada, its gorgeous and everyone I ever meet there is so awesome and chill! It's too bad American's have a bad rep sometimes like that but at least you guys have better shopping and prices!!

    @VintageMakeup-Thank you =) I had a lot of fun!!

    @LucyyLou-I know hey =)

  7. Banff is a beautiful place! I went there last year for a week with some friends, and all these photos make me miss it sooo much! (I ate at Balkan too while I was there! We actually were staying at the guest house of the family who owns the Balkan!)

  8. @Erin- wow I bet that was a nice guest house!! Very good restaurant! Its so gorgeous there!! Such a fun place to be, I bet living there would be a blast =)


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