10 More Days!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:09 AM

This is one of my favorite Blink songs =) they played it at the last show i went too.. I hope they play it again this show!! Whats your favorite Blink song?

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  1. how fun! I like some of their old stuff but really anytime travis is on the drums I like it ;)

  2. omg I have not listened to blink 182 since I was in middle school! ha ha

  3. @Miranda- =D Yay! I agree, he is amazing, His solo he did at the end of the last concert was unbelievable!!

    @Themisstwist-lol well you need to catch up! They have some new ablumbs =)

    @Vintagemakeup- =D i'm sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ahhh i'm so excited for you!!! I still have like over a month til they come over here :'(

  5. I read reviews on the show in Montreal and they said it was AWESOME! You're so lucky to go see them!


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