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10:10 AM

FINALLY!!!! Us BLINK fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new album to come out for YEARS!!!! The last self titled album BLINK 182 was released on November 18,2003. I still remember heading over to Future Shop after work to buy this, I was so excited!!!
I thought 2 years ago when they FINALLY toured in Canada that there would be a new album released for sure in the up coming months but i was wrong =( what a WICKED show they played that concert! Travis did an amazing drumming solo at the end it was unbelievable!

SOOOO here is the new song that was released last night, I guess some people have heard it on radio stations before it was really released but my city has the worst radio stations and they really don't play Blink, or if they did it would be "All the Small Things" and nothing else =(

I like it, I need to listen to it more to really love it but it sounds slightly AVA like...which i wasn't a massive fan of =/ but I am so pumped for their show in August!!!!!!!!!!! As well as when they do release the new album.
What do you think of it ??

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  1. Ahh I totally agree! My radio station sucks over here. There is only one legit radio station that plays Blink-182, and it's usually "All The Small Things" or "First Date" and every once in a blue moon it's "Adam's Song" :-D but yeah they need to play more of their songs! The radio is so whack these days... If I hear "Edge of Glory" one more f'in time I'm gonna flip haha

  2. I missed them soooo much! 2003 is such a long time ago! Lots of people complain that this song is not proper Blink stuff, I hate when people say that, just because a group evolves and slighty change style doesn't mean it's not the same group anymore! I got in a fight we a stupid "friend" because of that, seriously, ARGH!

  3. @Cerina Hahah I freaking hate that song, and even if you didn't hate it to start you would now because it's terribly over played! I guess when you think about it blink is so old maybe that's why it's not played as much even though I listen to it all the time :)

    @Gaby- I know me too!!! And good point, they are who they are but they have grown up a LOT since their last album so of course it will sound a bit different especially after 8 years but I hope they have at least one song that sounds like old blink on the new album, I'm excited for it!!!!!!!

  4. I really like it.. been a big fan of them for a long time... I have the same problem with the radio stations here in Denmark so online is usually where I listen to stuff

  5. @Osxg33kgirl- Yay =) I love hearing from fellow Blink Fans! The song is growing on me =) it seems like we are all having troubles with bad radio where we live =/ thankfully there is online stations!


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