ThiS Vs ThAt!... Part 3!

11:19 AM

Here we go for round 3!

Lavish Lift Blow Dry Spray
Creates Lift by Thickening strands for all-around dimension with a silky soft feel
Instant Infusion Collagen Root Boosting spray Mega-lift

I haven't had the best opinions on volume sprays. I don't really get much lift with them but I usually always will try any drug store kind when they have a good never know what could work with your hair!
Both of these were around $7 and I didn't have anything omg wow moments with them but I would have to say I like the John Frieda slightly better... Would I buy either of these again? probably not.

Silk Reconstructing complex
Color therapy.Restorative Styling Oil

This was a tricky one! I rate both of these products high in my books. I recently just started using the Joico oil, it was in June's month of Luxe Box and it is really nice. I Love Chi they smell soo good and it just feels silky on your hands.Chi silk infusion is ranged anywhere from $15-$20 I got this bottle in a set of a travel pack so the pricing isn't what it would be. I didn't purchase the Joico in a regular size but I believe the price is around the same. I just tried to find a price online but it varies so much I am not really sure =/
SOOO I pick Chi Silk Infusion =)

Water Resistant Bronzer
Zebra Bronzing Powder in HAUTE GOLD

I purchased this Cargo bronzer last year I believe..and you can see I have tons left. I paid around $25 so it was pricey!!That is the most I think I have ever paid for a single little makeup product. And you might be able to guess it wasn't my best purchase. I think the color might be too dark for me, I like just a bit of bronzer since i'm pretty fair. But I do like the formula, it isn't too shimmery but not super matte.The Annabelle bronzer is really nice because it's not just one color, so it work's if you are more fair. I paid around $10 for this bronzer.
The better of the 2? I would say Annabelle's for sure. More affordable and is a really pretty color!

What is the latest products/makeup that you have tried that promised the same result but delivered way differently?

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  1. Annabelle bronzer sounds really nice!

  2. I love those posts! I have the Got2b collagen spray but like you I wasn't especially amazed by it. I'm not even sure it works for more than half an hour though ahah!

    I also have a travel size of CHI Silk Infusion and I love it, it makes my hair feel soooo soft and silky and I love the smell.

    As for the bronzers, I have both. I'm not sure I understand how a bronzer can be water resistant though? But the Annabelle bronzer is my all time favorite! I like how you took that picture of the bronzers by the way (:

  3. @Vintagemakeup-it really it nice and good quality :)

    @Gaby- lol that is so true, 30 min tops! I don't qutie understand how it is water resistant either but according to them it is =\ thank you! That is probably my first decent picture lol. I never ever have good lighting but that one was alright =)


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