June Favorites IN JULY!!

12:03 AM

So this is kinda later then I had planned but better late then never right?
Okay so I first saw the photo's of products in the Grass on  Fleur De Force's Blog and i LOVED IT! 
Then I saw it on Gaby's Blog and I really really wanted to try it! I just loved the summery looking pictures, so I swear I'm not ripping it off it just looked nice =) But no laughing at my half green grass! ;)

These June fav's are basic and short! Kinda like me ;)

BERRY VANILLA Triple Moisture Body Cream- I know it is summer but I still find myself needing lots of moisture on my skin. This is great it smells amazing and it makes my skin happy!

NIVEA Essential lip moisturizer. I use this all the time all year round. I find it the perfect lip blam for me.

 ALMAY  Smart Shade with SPF 15-This was on clearance at Shoppers Drug Mart for $4.99. I have heard mixed reviews on it. I thought I would give it a shot since it was more then 50% off regular price.

SWEET PEA- perfume is one of my favorites. Light fruity/Floral scent is perfect for summer.

 FOX IN A BOX- This is such a good product for $5! 

This is Truth or Dare. A light Blush & Bronzer in one.

ORGANIX COCONUT MILK anti breakage serum.This smells sooooo good! Love Coconut scents. This bottle will last me like a year I bet, just a tiny drop will work for the ends of your wet hair.

 FALSiES Flared-This is one of my favorite drug store mascara's! top 3 I would have to say.

NAKED Palette- OF COURSE!! I FINALLY HAVE it and i honestly ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I love every single color in here and I think they are perfect for everyone. Don't mind the cat hair on mind lol its like a velvety cover so it has Chicken & Boots fur stuck to it =)
That was pretty much all for my June favorites... I could have added the cotton candy candle from Bath & Body works but I am burning it as we speak...or umm type? 

What was your favorite products in June?

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  1. I'm going to try that coconut oil for my daughter's hair because it's a huge bottle! Her hair is curly and past her waist so I have to use tons of oil for her frizz!

  2. The coconut oil looks interesting, I am going to try it. You have a brilliant blog, so I am definitly going to come back and read more of your posts.

    I wish you lots of luck with your blog, although I am sure you do not need it!
    All the best;

  3. Lovely faves - I like the grass pics as well! I'm so jealous you have the Naked palette.. I'm still not sure if I'm willing to pay $48 yet! xx

  4. I've always wondered about that smart shade foundation..you should do a review on it sometime! :)
    Also, sweet pea is one of B&BW best fragrances! Along with country apple, Japanese cherry blossom, etc lol!

    And thank you for your sweet comments on my post. It means a lot :)

  5. WOW, you have an amazinbg blog, I'll follow you now with bloglovin :>


  6. Great faves! I love the naked palette

  7. I love to take my pictures in the grass, especially when it's sunny. That way, the products are true to their natural color and the pictures look summery and cheerful (:

    Fox in a Box looks gorgeous, I've seen it on many blogs.

  8. @Mercedes- holy crap that's crazy long, I think this might be good to try and it's pretty cheap so if you hate it its not a huge loss.

    @Voe- thank you that is really sweet of you! I hope you like the coconut oil!

    @Val- I think you should if you don't have a ton of other palettes kicking around..I only have 2 lol but this one is AMAZING! I use it every time I wear eye shadow now. And I had to pay $58 in Canada plus shipping =\ but worth it.

    @Cereina- I will for sure do a review it is kind of interesting foundation.. I know right, almost every scent there is sooooo good! You are so welcome, you deserve to have good things to come your way, you are so kind and so inspiring!

    @Ayse- thank you :)

    @VintageMakeup-isn't it the best neutral palette ever?

    @Gaby- For sure! They are fun..it's hard to find a good background so green grass in a sunny day is perfect.
    You will have to try fox in a box if you get a chance one day it is great!

  9. Great post! xo I really love the nivea essential lip moisturizer too! its my ultimate lip product. I think the grass looks nice too! :-D Fox in a box we don't have here! its so sad I wanted to buy it awhile ago and couldn't because of our cheap ass wal-mart!

  10. I love the pictures you took of products on grass! That's so neat and summery like you said. Sadly, I love downtown Toronto and there's no grass nearby (only concrete!).
    I'm not surprised you need lots of moisturizer in the summer - you live in Alberta after all and it's very dry out here! The first time I came out here by skin was soooo dry on the second day which is when I discovered my favourite moisturizer - Aveeno Daily Moisturizer.
    There's a lot of people who love the Nivea lip balm like yourself but I found it didn't moisturize my lips as well as my Blistex Mint Lip Balm in a stick which I believe is actually a bit cheaper than the Nivea one.
    And I agree with you on the Maybelline Falsies mascara. I LOVE it! It's better than the L'oreal mascaras that I've been using for eons.


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