Garnier Ultra Long-Lasting Shiny Colour Review

10:43 AM

 Garnier Ultra Long-Lasting Shiny Colour
316-Pure Purple
Cost $9.99 at Zellers

I am a huge fan of getting a good dye job from a hair stylist but it just isn't in my budget right now so I have been trying out some box dyes for the past few months. Like I say every time I dye my hair it will not compare fully to a good salon dye but it works for me.
Do you ever just get bored with your look and need some kind of change? I ALWAYS do but I am so lame I don't ever change it up too much. I used to when I was really young but now i'm to nervous for anything drastic! lol. But when I am itching for a new tattoo,piercing or change up my hair color a bit I just have to! 
I like dark hair on me the best and I am a little sick of black so this pure purple looked great.

The usual that comes in an at home hair dye kit.
*Gel Creme Colorant
*Colour Releaser
*Shine Enhancing Deep Conditioner

You might need to use:
*Vaseline around the hair line(It seriously helps so much).
*Rat tail comb to section hair
*Dye Brush to brush in the dye(I hate dying my hair with regular dye without this brush!)
*Any kind of clips to help section your hair
*Bad towels is a must! This stuff drips.
*Wear bad clothing!

It looks crazy purple! But I think its really pretty

Processing time is 30 minutes
Applying time took roughly 25 minutes (i'm a little slow with this kind of dye)

I'm not going to lie I didn't like the consistency of this dye. It was so runny! I am so used to using the foam dye that this was kind of dripping all over. 
Look how purple it looks! =D

Final look:

NOT THAT PURPLE!! what the heck! This was the best picture I could get in the sunlight to actually see some purple. It basically looks black in dull lighting =/ I assumed that I would be getting the color that was on the box. It even showed the same purple color when you have black hair but it didn't show up much in my hair. 
My blogging friend Thisisalx was telling me that this was maybe a 2 tone type dye where you will only see the purple color in the light, so if it is then that would make sense!

Over all so far I do like this dye. My hair wasn't completely straw like after, I did use my K-Pak conditioner after. I don't find the box dye's conditioner all that moisturizing.
I honestly think the mousse/foam hair dyes are the way to go if you are a beginner. They are easy to apply on your own and less clean up. These kinds of dyes are okay if you are a newbie and have patients to be able to section your hair and brush the dye in. I would repurchase this dye as well as recommend it. There are more color selections with this line as well compared to the past mousse/foam dyes I have reviewed. You can read those HeRe and HeRe =)

I am always on a mission to find the best dye within my budget! What are some that you have tried and liked or didn't like?

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  1. It looks nice! Too bad it didn't turn out more purple!

  2. I love it! I use to dye my hair black and it was so hard to get the color I wanted. I also use to dye everything in my bathroom black ehhe. It's much easier with blonde hair :)

  3. I like it! I wish I could pull off dark colors.. I used to have my hair a deep brown but I looked like an emo kid lol. Oh and you look so pretty in that last picture too!

  4. Wow, the color looks really pretty on you! Thanks for sharing!<3

  5. I have tried tons of colors from this 100% Color range but I have been disappointed everytime, even when I started on my natural blonde hair, the purple/blue/red would not show up, except outdoor in the sun. As for the purple not showing on your dark hair, it's because you can never lighten a darker hair dye by using a lighter color, it will never show unless you bleach. It sucks, I know, I've been disappointed so many because I kept trying, until my hairdressed told me that!

  6. @Vintagemakeup-I know hey? I was a little bummed it didn't turn out more purple.

    @MrsMakeup-It's weird that it is hard to get a good black color but it is! And I never would have thought blonde was easy.. I have never been blonde but I thought it was difficult to keep it looking blonde blonde...interesting =)

    @Cerina- lol I bet you didn't look emo but some people just look better with lighter hair. And thank you! I am kinda looking funny but I cannot take good pictures at ALL!

    @Tenace-Thank you very much!

    @Gaby-Ahh really? That really sucks it didn't even turn out much with lighter hair =/ I suppose that makes sense as well that I can't go lighter but on the box it shows black to this color and it looks so purple! booo to false advertising!!

  7. Great review hun and I can see why you like darker hair on you - it's a really pretty shade that compliments your gorgeous blue eyes :)
    I know what you mean about going to the salon. I use to go all the time but it's pricey for sure :S I had my hair coloured "purple" too at a salon earlier this year at Deerhurst resort and it didn't even come out nearly as purple as yours. A waste of $150+ with the hair cut...and the stylist wasn't even friendly to me there.
    I love box dye at home. I actually gave myself my last hair cut! And I just coloured my hair navy blue! It's not really as navy blue as I was hoping (kinda like your experience with this dye) but I know what you mean about not experimenting with colours too drastic LOL I actually have a box of brown hair colour just in case that navy blue came out like crazy blue! My favourite hair colour has been L'oreal Feria. I haven't experimented much with other brands of at home hair kits other than Feria.

  8. @Karen-aw thanks! :) I think I used to always dye my hair the blue black color from L'oreal it's so pretty!! And for $150 they should be freaking friendly, I hate that! Way to make the client never ever return with bad customer service skills =\
    do you have pictures up with the new hair color?? That's awesome if you can cut your own hair! Save some $! :)


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