51 moRe dAys!!!!!!

7:45 PM

CoUnT dOwN CoNtInUeS!!!

=)51 more days until BLINK 182 concert!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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  1. Yay! Something to look forward to. Where are they playing?? Do you already have tickets to the concert? :)

  2. I am sooooo excited!! I think they are touring all over,well to big cities.. I will hit up a city an hour or so away and see the show. We have floor tickets =)=)=)

  3. I FREAKING LOVE BLINK-182!! I was so upset when Travis got in that plane crash...some say it was just a hoax for attention but I don't think so! :-/

    Whats your favorite song by them? I'd have to say my faves are Adam's Song, I Miss You, and Feeling This! :D

    Oh and I do have a Twitter but I don't use it :( I never really kept up with it lol! I used to just use it to contact my mom through her computer at work haha

  4. @Cerina-YAY another Blink fan =) =) I know that was INSANE!!! I couldn't believe it! and for him to survive is so amazing..Do you think he will ever fly again?
    Of course i love Adam's song as well, it is amazing and Feeling This...and ALL of them but I love Carousel!!I love Rock Show too.
    Did you like Boxcar Racer or plus 44? i wish so much they made another album by Boxcar Racer!I could listen to There Is all day!
    oh boo you should use Twitter! it's so fun with all the bloggers on there now =)


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