L'oreal Sublime Mousse Review

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This is my second foam hair dye I have tried and I think this is such a good product for anyone who wants a quick easy coloring. L'oreal sublime mousse is usually under $10.00 at most drug stores, I had a $4 off coupon from WebSaver.ca- click here to get coupon ( if you are in Canada) and I used my coupon while this was on sale at Walmart for around $8 so I got it for like $4, can't go wrong with that price!

The color selection isn't amazing, its fairly basic but I assume they will come out with more colors eventually.  I got the color 20- PURE BLACK.

 The box includes the usual,plus the pump. You just attach the pump onto the developer bottle and kind of swing in the bottle back and forth..do not shake! Until everything is mixed.

Total time is under 40 minutes. I applied this foam to my hair in under 5 minutes. People with thicker longer hair I would guess it would take around 10. It is SO QUICK. 30 minute developing time isn't too bad either. 

The consistency of this dye foam isn't very thick, but it isn't watery if that makes any sense. It doesn't drip once it is applied but if  I had tilted my hand it would have fell right off.

When I am dying my hair I always make sure to put a layer of Vaseline around my hair line and on my ears so I don't have black color all over. As well wear an old shirt in case you spill anything. 
This was seriously so easy to use, squeeze dye into hand and put onto hair. Rub into roots then ends and you are done. No sectioning (maybe if you have really thick hair) no combing, just quick and easy.

*Easy to use
*Full coverage
*Natural looking
*The smell isn't crazy horrible like the nice n easy foam dye
*Good price

*Lasting power isn't as wonderful as some other dye's i've used
*Color selection isn't huge
*Conditioner isn't very moisturizing

I would recommend this product as well as repurchase it. I find this fairly similar to the Clairol nice n easy foam dye. You can see my other review Here.

What are your thoughts on the foam dyes that are out there? Found any really good ones?

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  1. Great review! I've never actually dyed my hair before, because I'm so worried about how it could turn out wrong :x but this looks quite easy to use!

  2. @Musicalhouses- thank you ;). I think if you are going to dye your hair and it's not crazy thick the foam dye is the way to go!

  3. I've never tried the foam ones but I might do now... it was pretty helpful. So it was easy enough to do on your own? i always get someone to help me when I dye my hair cause its long :)

  4. It seems like an okay product, the mousse consistency sounds cool though! Great review

  5. @osxg33kgirl- ah sorry I didn't even mention I did this on my own! Yes it was so easy to do on ur own! I find the cream ones are nice but so difficult!

    @Vintagemakeup-it is great if you can't afford a salon dye job... Which will never compare! The mousse is just so user friendly!

  6. I was going to try this but they didn't have the color I wanted so I passed. :-(

    I tried the one with the comb before because it was supposed to be easy to do .. well it wasn't I got product everywhere and I missed a couple of spots so I had to go out and buy another but good thing it was noticable! ahaha

  7. I absolutely hated this! I picked the darkest brown available and it came out as a light brown on my hair, what a waste of time!


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