ECOTOOLS Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

8:18 PM

I live a simple plain pretty boring life so when I was sent these brushes to review I was absolutely ecstatic! I have heard many great things about these brushes so of course it was a great opportunity to try them out.

I have been playing around with these brushes for the past 5 days now and I can give you a guaranteed positive review....

ECOTOOLS Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

Here are some great things about them before you even use them:

* Natural & Recycled Materials
* Cruelty Free Bristles
* Reusable Storage Pouch
*PETA has awarded them from their synthetic brush hairs
*Often compared to MAC
*Very Affordable Price
*Nice Packaging

In this set there are 5 brushes & a storage pouch

 This is the blush brush, this is very soft and is very nice to apply a solid or loose powder

 This is the Eye Shadow brush that I so far like the best out of any eye shadow brush I have ever tired.. I have never tried any high end brushes though, just Sephora type brushes are the most expensive i've used.

 Concealer Brush. LOVE this perfectly for concealer on those ugly blemishes or discoloration in your skin.

The angle brush is really great, I use this for my gel eye liner and it works really well.

Lash and brow groomer, to be honest I don't ever use mascara combs, I don't feel like they go through my lashes. But the brow groomer is great for your brows!

All of these brushes are very worthy of the low cost they are and i HIGHLY recommend them if you need an affordable set or if you are just beginning to play around with make up. The only thing that would have been nice to add to the set is a blending brush, but that wouldn't effect my decision of buying them or not.

You can find ECOTOOLS online at and ECOTOOLS.

I was checking out some other products on the Ecotools web site and they look really nice! I haven`t seen any in stores but I might have to order some online soon!

Have you tried out any Ecotools products ?
I am not being paid or persuaded for my opinion... i highly doubt anyone would ever pay to hear what comes out of my mouth ;) but I am grateful to post my opinion and have a couple readers :)

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  1. I haven't tried ecotools yet but want too...they seem too be good brushes =)

  2. @Miranda- You totally should if you need something cheap... I would love a big set of Sigma but not just yet!

  3. I love ECO tools,I saw they had some at Big Lots last week and didn't buy them because I already had a few. I should go back and see if they are still there now that you did this review heheh and I love reading your reviews!

  4. I have the big powder rocks! It's so soft, but thebonly bad thing is it sucks when I wash it because it takes forever to dry!! But other then that no complaints :)

  5. @mrsmakeup- thank you that was very kind :)
    Yes you should :) especially if they are on
    Sales or something you can't go wrong!

    @Cerina - that is a really good point... Like dry over night and
    Still wet I did notice that but forgot to mention that! Glad you like them :)

  6. I've been contemplating to grab this, heard it's one of good quality brushes:)

  7. I love them, very good for drugstore brushes, and cruelty-free... what more could I ask for? I especially like the concealer brush (:

  8. That looks like an amazing brush set! I just followed your blog and I would love it if you could follow mine back too. Thanks so much <3<3


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