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8:37 PM

Okay so you might think I am lame, or not even read this BUT it is another SECRET post... I just like to do these every once in a while to remind myself to think positively. Too much negative happens in our lives and its easy to focus on that instead of the more positive things.

My phone has been taking some really crappy pictures lately so I whipped out the old camera and decided to test it out.. doesn't look so great hey?
I am re reading the Secret to Money chapter because that one is always the best one to read when you feel like you are needing just a little bit more. I downloaded the check that they have on their web site that they tell you to fill out and put it somewhere where you will see it everyday and visualize the money coming in. I actually printed the check off and made everyone fill it out at and a good way to get side tracked ;)

You can go to this LINK and fill out your check! I was trying to not be too greedy and thought I would just wish for $100,000 to come my way ;) How fricken amazing would that be??
What would you do if you suddenly had a $100,000 come your way?
Now after the hard work of deciding how much money you would like to think your way, you can practice these couple steps to help make it be a reality.

*Feeling Happy now is the fastest way to bring money into your life.
*Give Money in order to bring more of it into your Life. When you are generous with money and feel good about sharing it, you are saying "I have plenty".
AND my fav ones:

*Visualize checks in the mail.
*Tip the balance of your thoughts t wealth. Think wealth.

You can read my other SECRET Post HERE


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  1. I like the secret post, that book is great. I also like the alchemist and rich dad poor dad :)

  2. @Kysbel yay =) I have never read those, I actually am just googling them now, love new books!

  3. My mother did that thing with the check too, I think it's actually funny hehe

  4. @Gaby- haha that's great! I have known some wealthy people that have been doing this kind of things for years so you never know!

  5. Unrelated, but I love your blog design!

  6. @vintage makeup aw thank you :) compliments are always related lol

  7. So, did you receive the $100,000?

    1. Kind of yes. Even if it’s all in our heads, if we end up getting what we are wanting/needing I think it’s great :)


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