May Favorites 2011

9:18 PM

End OF May.... June here we come and I am not  ready for summer quite yet...

I feel like this is the longest week ever and that I haven't had a chance to blog for so long! There is a crazy lightening storm going on right now with small hail... I hope it doesn't get too bad.

On with the May Favorites!

*OLAY Silk Whimsy Body Lotion-This stuff is a very good scent! It's a light moisturizer with a light fragrance that is great for summer! I picked this up at Walmart in a pack with body wash and a bar of soap for about $8.

*BATISTE Dry Shampoo in Blush- My HG dry shampoo!!

*L'OREAL Paris Studio Indestructible Fixing Spray, I compare this hair spray to Elnett Satin Hairspray that I absolutely Love but hate paying the $$ for. This Spray was under $7 so it is a good runner up product!

*AVON Q110 Moca Latte Eyeshadow Quad, I can't quite remember when I purchased this but I forgot I had it and lately I have been using it often! This was under $10 and the colors are just great neutrals that anyone can use.

*SUN LABORATORIES Self Tanner in Ultra Dark... Summer is coming up right quick and I am in need of some safe color.. This is this dark if you have never actually seen the formula. It is like applying some type of chocolate to your skin! But it works amazingly!

* My LUXE BOX of course =)

*DERMALOGICA- Best micro exfoliate EVER! ( from my May LUXE BOX)

*CHINA GLAZE -Little Drummer Boy (From May LUXE BOX)

 Okay these are just quick randoms....

My Ipad..Expensivest thing I own lol

BEST VITAMIN EVER!! tastes like candy!!

M&M's Pretzels, SO GOOD!!!

My lil sis's Kitty, my second Niece...HOSS she is a doll, i absolutely love her =)

So cute I might steal her one day ;)
And this is my Big Nephew Acoustic! He is my lil sis's as well, he is super sweet as well and he loves everyone!

Cute little begging face =)

That is my May Favorites...What are some of yours??

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  1. I haven't tried the Silk Whimsy but the lotion I got from that collection is amazing! I love it its in the purple bottle.

    Good to see a new post from you :) ClickClickCLick hhehe

  2. @mrsmakeup- I smelt that too and couldn't decided between the two! Both very nice :) I felt like it had been forever! My minds been toooooooooo stressed!
    And honestly I think I was checking out your blog at the exact same time you were here lol :$

  3. I miss taking flinstones vitamins! they're phased out here in the Philiipines. :( awesome May 2011 faves! :)

  4. @makeup hauls, aww that sucks cuz they are really good! I will go check out ur blog!

  5. Yey, Batiste! Sure would be in my monthly favorite too (: Not sure about Blush though, I can't seem to be able to really define the smell?

    I'll have to check out this Sun laboraties Self-Tanner, if you say it's really dark, that's exactly what I'm looking for =D

  6. @Gaby, I seem to think it smells like rose or something, but I have a super hard time explaining a scent =/

    Sun Labs isn't perfect but I think its the best out there and you should give it a try if you can =)


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