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I don't order much online since it can be pretty expensive with shipping costs so when I get something in the mail I think it's pretty exciting!
I actually got a lucky opportunity to test out a couple products from FARLEYCO.CA who distribute Batiste dry shampoo products and they just arrived in the mail...YAYYY =)
Here is my mail =)

ok Chicken was pretty excited as well

These 3 are their 50 ml on the go sized dry shampoo's. These are in ORIGINAL,BLUSH and TROPICAL and just from smelling them they smell really good! I actually like the small travel size so they are easy to bring anywhere. I am sure these little ones don't last too long but hopefully they will get the job done!
 "Batiste Dry Shampoo quickly refreshes and revitalizes greasy dull and lifeless hair between washes.Quick and convenient to use, Batiste leaves hair feeling clean, fragrant and full of body" Sounds great hey?
This is my first time trying these products and have heard many good things about them so I am excited to try! I will test them out this week and do a full review on how they are...

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  1. Yeyyyy! That's cool that you got some Batiste to review! I'm actually AMAZED by their dry shampoos, they work much better than anything I've tried before, I'm not kidding! I'm not keen on aerosols thought because the product tend to get used up quite quickly and sometimes the dispenser stops working -_- Hope you will like them as much as I do!

    Your cat is so cute ahah!

  2. @Gaby... I hear good things about it so I hope so! The aerosols really don't last long =\ hah thanks he is my little baby!
    Thanks for reading =) =)

  3. Let me know if you like them,I have used alot of dry shampoos but I havent picked these up yet.

  4. @mrs makeup- I will let you know for sure, I will do a full review soon and so far so good!!


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