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6:41 PM

The past I would say 5-7 days now we have had some CRAZY CRAZY WIND like I swear if you were under 50lbs you would fly away. It's like you go out side and your breath gets taken away because it is so strong. Very crappy.
From this wind there has been a terrible disaster in the province I live in, in the city of Slave lake. Flames have destroyed half of the homes while the ground is still smoldering. In a single day these fires have grown so much they are taking over 22,000 hectares, completely damaged homes,businesses and everything else in its way. 7000 homes have had to be evacuated last night. There is a multiplex another town away that are helping these poor families while they can figure out what to do. There is tons of companies and people who are generous enough to donate in this time of need.
Today some of us at my work gather up a bit of money from as many people who could afford to donate and we came up with $250 and bought bottled water,tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo,soap, pet food and a couple other things. (I have a short lunch break so I didn't get to go on the shopping trip =(   ) So the girls who went and got the supplies took them to a radio station here and they are taking everything our city is donating out to these people. 
There are around 116 other fires across our province still going, people are loosing their homes,their things and much more. I could not imagine going through that and I am so sorry to anyone who has gone through a natural disaster or anything like this.
Every little bit helps and if you are able to donate even $10 it seriously helps.  I know we can't all save everyone but we can certainly try right?

This is slightly off topic but one good thing that happened today.... There is a Relay For Life going on in my city on June 3rd and if you don't know what that is it is an event the Canadian Cancer Society gives you and your community the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, remember and honour loved ones lost to cancer and fight back against all cancers.

 You can have teams and fundraise for this event, or just come to walk some laps and celebrate the survivors and remember love ones who have been affected by this terrible terrible disease. I have been involved in this for a few years now, it is a walk around a track that is 7pm-7am so its quite long, they have a wonderful survivor's dinner and then the survivor lap at 7pm which always makes me cry! And last year when they lit the luminaries they spelt hope with them and outlined the track as well.(I will take pictures this year too!)They have movies in the middle of the night in the hall there for the kids who tough it out as well as a big breakfast for everyone in the morning.
So back to my good news, my work has donated the funds for my team to get sweaters made with our team name on it! The Pink Ladies (Kind of lame but hey..) These sweaters are around $25 for us to have them and there are 11 of us on the team so that's a pretty cool donation..some of you might be thinking why wouldn't you use that money to go towards donations and not just on clothes for you guys...Well my work is donating to this foundation and when you sign up as a team you usually get shirts made and since it's always cold in early June we got sweaters this year. 
This is such a wonderful event and I strongly advise everyone to join in their cities Relay for life, you can donate money or time. I know there are lots of things to donate to now a days but unfortunately this disgusting disease ruins a lot of people and it is so tragic. So any help you can offer is always wonderful.
Anyways that is my long story of the day....

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