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Golden SAFE tan skin, YES PLEASE!

2011 is prime time for safe  Sun practice.I haven't tried them all but I have spent my fair share of $$ testing out self tanners trying to find one that doesn't leave me orange or smelling like burning gross toxic waste smell.. yes some of them actually smell THAT bad ;)


 *The lighting was terrible as I took the pictures too late in the evening =/ So I will update them with a picture of how DARK this lotion is. It seriously looks like chocolate when you pump it out. This kind of was alarming the first time I opened it up I was like WTF it's going to be crazy dark... But I was pleasantly surprised.
*This has a very dark color to help guide you apply the product. You can actually see where you are putting it and I find that actually helps me with less missed areas.
*When you do apply this you will want to exfoliate of course first, then you will do section by section (wearing Gloves if you want, I always do) to prevent uneven streaky looking tan.
*You can wear gloves to help with the orange palms as this does stain your skin (obviously) or sometimes if I am just doing touch ups or just my face I immediately wash my hands when I am finished.
*Also when I ordered this I read and read and read reviews on this, But I couldn't find any YouTube video's on this product! There was one quick on by KANDEE but that was all I could find so I kind of just chanced it and it worked out fairly well. In the directions with this product it does tell you to exfoliate, apply and wait at least 3 hours for the color to fully develop then rinse off. You will notice you are fairly tanned if you have fair skin like me and that color will be going down the drain but that's ok it is just the extra color "guide" washing off.
*This product has a really good smell, it is a cherry almond smell, none of that crazy horrible fake tan smell so that is a HUGE bonus with me!!!
*The price was alright. I ordered online and I bought the Ultra Dark Tanning Set, With the exfoliate, Self Tanner and The Maintainer I paid around $60 plus shipping plus boarder taxes so in the end it was around $100...which is quite a bit but they do have a lot of sales and right now that set is on for $40 so that's fairly decent.
* I am super fair so I did get the ULTRA DARK which might be a little much for some people,so if you accidentally bought the really dark stuff and you find it too intense, mix it with a lotion! I use this product all year round on my face & neck area mixed with a lotion to keep it more natural.
 * The site you can check out for more info/pricing/ordering - SUNLABS SITE
*Now this is never ever going to replace the real nice glow you get from the sun, I don't think there ever will be a replacement..It isn't a miracle product..BUT this is going to save your health and keep you from premature aging. Too many people are unaware of the risks of skin cancer out there and it is really something to think about. =(
Well that felt like a novel... I still have more info in my head but I am not sure if you have stopped reading yet ;)

The next product is not a self tanner but I think it does fall into the same category.
This is L'OREAL's SUBLIME BRONZE ONE DAY tinted Gel. I have heard mixed reviews with this product so if you have a change to give this a test try on your arm I would say do it...but if you want to live on the edge a little just fricken buy it ;)

* This is a cheap EASY way to achieve a quick bronzed glow. I use this as something to "vamp" up my tan or my pale skin =) I will use this if I am in a hurry and don't want to look like a glow in the dark white pasty china doll..Not that there is anything wrong with that because most of the year that's what I do look like. A little quick color is easy and nice to have.
* This is literally one day wear, it washes off with soap and water. I use this on my arms and legs, it says it is for face but I don't overly want to test it on my face =/
*The price was rather expensive for 200 ml but I did get it on sale from Shoppers Drug Mart for around $10. I did buy this last summer and still have half of the bottle left.. I am not too sure how long it lasts for but it seems ok still.
*Not a miracle working product but if you are looking for something quick and easy and don't mind washing it down the drain then its great.
*The smell is ok,not good not too bad
*This product also applys dark, there is no waiting time for it. Just apply and go.
*No orange hands as it does wash off with soap!

Lastly Is OLAY'S YOUCH OF SUN .This is for anyone who is looking for a gradual tan or to use all year long for a light glow to their skin.

*This is such a slight gradual tan that it is fairly easy to apply without too much mess up's. This is a light color so you can miss spots as you cannot see where you are applying it. But it is such a slight color that it is easy to exfoliate or reapply in an area to try to fix it.
*There is a slight fake tan smell, one of the better lotion ones that I have ran into. But not a good smell by any means.
*This is affordable I believe I got this for under $8. I have heard it made some people break out when used on their face but I had no problems using this on my face.
*It can leave streaky orange marks in between your fingers if you do not wash your hands well after you use.

*** BEST ADVICE for fake tanning:
*Do not take crazy hot showers or baths as they will fade fade fade all your hard work!

I did a couple of  bad self tanners/lotions earlier on my blog you can check them out HERE  And HERE.

If you have any questions about these products let me know!

What are your favorite safe tan products?

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  1. Those "touch of sun" products never seem to work on me, and I'm soooo pale!

  2. @Gaby yeah they do suck for the most part.. If ur face doesn't break out it's the only thing I could use it for

  3. i totally agree with you, while im not big on getting tanned, but i totally think self-tanner or even spray on tan is much much better than going under the sun, hoenstly id rather stay pale than looking 35 when im 20smth or worse getting a tan and get cancer later. i think your post is very informative~~~~

    Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


  4. @Jessy- thank you for reading my post :)
    I agree I rather be pale as well then sacrifice my health.


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