ThiS Vs ThAt!... Part 1!

9:44 PM

This VS that?  Which one did I like Better?

**Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Voluminizing Gel VS *TRESemme 24 Hour Body?

* I would definitely have to say The Tresemme 24 hour body wins. This is a 1/3 of the price, give you a little bit of volume and has a very good fruit smell.Big Sexy hair lets me down once more =( didn't do squat to my hair =(

** L'OREAL Studio indestructible Mouse VS TRESemme's 24 hour body mouse?

* I have been using L'oreal's mouse's for a while now and always liked them but this time I am going to have to go with the TRESemme one. It doesn't give me anything big for volume but it helps with my flat lameo hair! The smell is fruity like the gel one and i love it!

** GOSH rescuse me! Repair'n Shine Serum VS PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny serum?

* I have always been a fan of super skinny so that is my winner! This product is pretty amazing as it  helps with drying your hair faster then using nothing.But I always am on the look out for something cheaper and comparable. I am really liking Gosh products right now so this would be my second pick for hair serum that doesn't break the bank.

**got2B Rockin it Dry Shampoo VS Johnson's Baby Powder- yes that's right baby powder! ?

**Okay so I am going to be doing a full review on the dry shampoo so this is a slightly different comparison.. I pick the baby powder for an anytime need to soak up oil for a dry shampoo since it doesn't give you any extra texture to your hair like dry shampoo does.The easiest way to do this for the dark haired girls is put some in your hands-over a sink and rub them together and run your hands through the roots. You can directly put on your hair but I do use a shine spray after if there is too much powder and my hair is lookin a little bit white ;)But I will do a review later and tell you what is or isn't good with the dry shampoo if you are interested?

Last one for right now.. I will be having a part 2 soon!

OKAY SO THIS IS THE EXCITING ONE FOR ME!!!!!I have been looking and looking for months and months and feels like a year but I am not too sure how long. I finally found it in Vegas but I was on the strip and didn't want to walk around with shampoo and I thought Canada would get it one day... and they have it in my city now!!

**AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle deeep conditioner VS AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle Smoothing Treatment?

*I remember I was so pumped when I found the 3 min. Smoothing conditioner and I tweeted @saaammage because she had had it in one of her give away's and she tweeted me something back like oh no mine has the blue font on it and its for deeep conditioning . So I took another look at it and was like NOOOO and it didn't have the wonderful coconut smell it had a gross cough syrup smell ( which I have always told my mom when I was super young that cough syrup smells like a dead dog ) soooo when my nose smells that it ain't good lol. BUT I FINALLY found the right one!!! I looked and looked and looked and finally =) SO i am going to try it out tomorrow morning and tell you the answer =) with a review if anyone would like!

I also want to mention in my This VS that that Saaammage is one of the only 3 YouTube Guru's who actually ever spoke with me...she will tweet back to any questions you need help with in the beauty department. She is a total sweetheart!!!! So follow her if you like cool smart FUNNY, shes super funny and the girl can do make up like you wouldn't believe!! you must check her Youtube out!! I posted the links wayyyy back on other posts when no one was following me so here is her link just in case you wanna check it out. Saaammage <3<3<3 =)

Thank you for checking this post out =) and if you have any questions let me know.
Have you tried any of these? what did you think??

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  1. I definitely love the aussie 3 min miracle :) I hope you do too! and I agree, she has always answered my questions, ppl might say whatever about her but to me, she's been polite and helpful so I like her :)

  2. eheh your cracking me up with the smells like dead dog thing heheh

    I love Tresseme products their heat protectant is amazing and its like 2dollars

  3. @Kysbel - I think I will.. i am so excited that I just have it so I will love it i'm sure! and that is awesome Sam is sooo sweet! <3 her!!=)

  4. @Mrs.Makeup hahah yes yes dead dog smell & Flavor. eww. and rub it in... $2! I pay around $7 for their products but that's ok I guess. I don't have a beauty supply store around here.. I need to see if they are in Canada or what, is that where you get it for $2 or like target? which i don't have =,( lol.

  5. haha good post you make me laugh <3 I really like Tresemme products. Its really sad when I see gurus rave about products and then I try and find them and I can't find them anywhere then I have to buy them online and it costs waaay more than it would have been in the store... sometimes I find things super cheap online but its a search! haha

  6. nice information. we should select good hair beauty products as this. Definitely i will try it.


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