Olay Professional Pro X

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I have wanted to try this ever since I had watched one of my Fav YouTube girls, MrKongsMom Aka Melanie Do a review for this product. Now this is a cheaper wanna be Clarisonic . I don't have a Sephora around me so I am not as temped as I might be if I had one near by to pick up one. I have wanted a Clarisonic for a long time but I honestly don't want to spend the $200ish for this product. I want too but I just will not let myself,maybe one day! If you are unfamiliar with this product you can check it out here. It looks amazing! 

But this post is not about that it is about the Olay Professional Pro X . 

Okay please ignore the terrible picture, apparently my eyes are more tired then I thought!! but I was just so excited to get this I had to do this quick post. So this is the same kinda idea as the Clarisonic with cleaning your face with the smaller brush and really getting in there to get out all the dirt and oil.. I just used this quickly and wholy crap does my face feel frickn soft! I am going to use it a couple more times and then do a review to see if the results stay like this. You know when you get something and test it out the first few times and its awesome then all of a sudden it does nothing? well I hope this is not the case!

As I kind of mentioned at the beginning of the post I learned about this Product from Melanie and I was just anxious to get it!! I would comment on her videos saying how I couldn't find it in Canada yet and how I really wanted it and now I found it  =) This was pricey... $29.99 BUT if it continues to make my skin feel like clean and soft afterward it is totally worth it! 
 And since I do not make YT videos I think you should check out Melanie's Video if you are wanting to try this product:

Just another quick note, if you are into watching any YouTube Guru's I suggest taking a look at her Channel, She is such a sweetheart, she will answer any question you have for her and her videos are really informative so she is really awesome to watch.Check it out if you are are trying to find some new people to get hooked on =) MrKongsMom's Channel  <3<3<3
Thank you for reading =) And let me know if anyone has tried this product and if you would like me to do a full review??


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  1. Hey hey hey!
    Can't believe I'm the first to comment on this! I have an awesome buddy on your side of the dividing line who's been looking into this, but has yet to make the leap.
    Thanks so much for posting this & I subscribed! When you feel like it, go to my blog & read the sidebar & then click on the link, lol. Thanks so much for welcoming me & I promise not to be a stranger!

  2. haha I can't spell today.... or EVER,lets try this again..
    @FaceFab, Thank you very much for checking out my blog & Following! Made my Day <3 Your friend should probably give this a shot.. I am really liking it! And I am off to check out your blog!

  3. I don't know if you've heard about SkinSonic, it's supposed to be a great dupe for Clarisonic at a fraction of the price x

  4. @Gaby- I actually just heard about it a
    Couple days ago... Have you tried it??

  5. @TEA: I just saw your comment, I relayed & think she is gonna buy one. Did you know that this model is identical to DDF's?

    Check it out...
    DDF 400 x

  6. @fabface hey! No I didn't realize that! But I just checked it out and it looks pretty cool! And I'm not gonna lie it looks better then the olay one!! Maybe when mine craps out that would be the next one to try,let me know if she buys it!!

  7. @TEA : Here's another pic....

    better DDF pic

    The average MSRP is $100 though many sites like amazon have it for cheaper...

  8. @fabface Ahh yeah that is pretty much exactly the same! But no charging batteries so Booo :(

  9. Oooo.. so Olay has charging batteries?

  10. @fabface Noo they don't have the charging cord but If I was paying anymore I would say that's a must

  11. I've had this for only 3 days and I can already feel the difference! I love the brush because it exfoliates without being harsh. Calvin Klein


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