April Favorites

9:04 PM

APRIL IS OVERRRRR-well almost. I swear as you get older time freakin flys by and everything is on a time crunch to fit everything in! 
So with the end of April almost here, here is where I blew some of my $$$ =)

I cannot believe this is my first product, and I have had it in my blow before when I did my mascara review but I wasn't a major fan..well I finished that tube and on to the second one. This month I am really liking the MAYBELLINE FALSIES in blackest black of course. The only thing I am not a fan of is I find it so  wet, so it takes longer to dry of course.

I have used LIP SMACKERS my whole life, I swear I was born with lip gloss in my hands! I have tried every flavor out there! I actually didn't buy it for a little white since I like the Bath & Body Works lip glosses just as much. But sometimes I like to pick these up. This one is peach and if you like the candy fuzzy peaches you will love its, it smells amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!So Amazing I secretly want to eat it!! but then I remember hey this is lip gloss not food, you will eat fuzzy peaches instead ! =)

Drug Store Eye shadow! COVER GIRL isn't my favorite drug store product in anyway shape or form but I do like some of their shadow's. I am a fan of anything brown or any neutral's really. This is Cover Girl's Shimmering Sands trio shadow. This is a great cheaply priced shadow for everyday colors. I believe this was under $8.

Bath & Body Works!!As per usual =) DARK KISS is my new obsession and this is their body lotion with vitamin e, jojoba & shea butter to help keep your skin not only smelling good but looking good.

Need something yummy smelling for your house? I decided to try the mini candle from BATH & BODY WORKS in Seaside Escape. This is different then what I regularly pick and I love it, it is a seaside smell  ;), its very pretty! I might even have to buy the full size when they have a sale again.

And that is my April Fav's, what were yours this month??

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  1. I LOVE The Falsies even thought it tends to flake and clump, and it doesn't really give me that false lash look but it does provide plenty of length and volume. Would definitely repurchase!

  2. @Gaby, I agree for sure, its not perfect,I hate the flakes! I had some today on my face lol. but it is good for the price!!
    Thanks for following =)

  3. Love the april favorites! good post! First time on your blog and i love it! You will definitely be seeing more of posh culture on your blog :)


  4. @Posh Culture yay thank u :) I hope I do see more
    Of u on here and maybe u will even follow my blog one
    Day :) :) I will check out ur blog this wk for sure!!

  5. hey I use this mascara!!!I can say It's good!

  6. @Penny yay! I think most people who try it kind of like it, its really good for something cheap!


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