Lip Gloss Anyone?

8:29 PM

 Who else is a lip gloss girl? I am a complete Lip Gloss junkie, I have them in my purse,my car,my night stand,my makeup drawer,in my coffee table, under my bed,probably every where you look lol. Here are some that I am currently using & Loving!

 Addicted to Bath and Body Works!! This is Dark Kiss and it smells amazing!! It is really glossy and not sticky,love it!

This is another Bath and Body Works Liplicious lip gloss, I have gone through 2 of these in the last 6 months. This one is the summer vanillas and it is a slight vanilla with a hint of berry! Very very good!

The last Bath and Body Works is the mint Vanilla, at first I didn't think too much of this one until my friend actually showed me hers and the smell is amazing! I have used almost the whole tube within a month or so. Love this!

This is Philosophy's Caramel Apple flavored lip gloss. This has such a great smell it makes you want to eat it. It has a slight color to the gloss, high shine and no stickiness. Love this!

Maybelline's shine sensational lip gloss in guava. This is probably my least favorite out of the glosses, it has a slight stickiness to it but not bad. It has a tiny hint of pink and the smell is fairly good! I got this on sale but i probably wouldn't buy it again unless it was a good deal as it isn't as nice as the Bath and Body Works ones.

The next two are the Nivea's lip balm kind of deal. I like to use this one when I find my lips feeling more chapped. It is just a basic lip balm that has a good smell!

 And last but not least Nivea's kiss of shimmer is a nice light tinted lip balm- I am not really sure if they are called lip balms but they aren't glossy so I don't think they are glosses =/

Ahhh forgive the cat hair in my pictures! I usually take the pictures on my kitchen chairs and I ran out of lint rollers and i didn't realize it was this bad =/

Those are my favorites that I have my purse/car over flowing with!What are your favorite lip glosses? 

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  1. I love the nivea essentials! I use that one too I really love the bonne bell ones I think they are I love glossy lip glosses.. great post love keep it up!


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