JusT SaY NO.... To GErMS!!

6:30 PM

I don't know about you guys but I am slightly a germaphobe...i keep hand sanitizer with me pretty much everywhere I go. I have slightly a crappy immune system so I try to wash my hands more often. As well everyone is sick at my work all the time so here are some sweet smelling hand cleaners =)

They are all Bath and Body Works and they were 3 for $5.00.
-Kiss me I'm Irish-a little late for St.Pat's day but it smells good for hand sanitizer
-I love shoes-why yes i do!
-Aqua Blossom
-Citrus Crush
-Pomigranate Passion (yes it's actually spelled like that) This one I honestly want to eat!It smells so freaking good!! Super fruity!

Maybe this is a weird post but I like good smelling things and these are good smelling =)

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  1. I always carry hand sanitizer around with me! that and a litltle bottle of lotion because I haven't found any good smelling hand sanitizer haha...sadly i don't have a bath and body works around here :-(


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