VegA$ pArT 2

8:21 PM

Okay these are not that interesting but if you never ever seen Vegas or looked on Google here is a couple pictures ;)

This store was just crazy, i didn't realize this many things could have a picture of an mm on it. This store had like 4 floors!( i think 4) it was HUGE!! You name it it was in the store...

Maybe this is in the states but i've yet to see a Best Buy vending machine in Canada! i saw a couple of them while i was there and it was kinda neat, you could buy ipods, phone cases, chargers you name it. Pretty handy if you ever are needing a quick electronic buy while passing the chocolate bars or pop.

This was the statue at New York New York, i probably should have taken more interesting pictures here but I thought i had a ton of photos until i actually got home, i was kind of disappointed in my lack of picture taking skills.

These massive $12 gummie bears were at the wax museum at the Venetian, i just thought they were ridiculously big so i had to take a picture.

Also at the Venetian

This is the Entry to the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace, it is all the shopping you would ever need...if you were rich! They are the kind of stores that when someone like me walks by they question why you are standing near their store, they are very high class. But it was pretty need to see everything there.
Here is outside of Caesar's Palace, I tried to get the fountains but i was using my cell phone and the quality isn't the best in the dark.

This picture does not do justice for this Paris hotel, this tower is 460 feet tall looking over the strip.. I made it to the elevator but chickened out and didn't go up.. yep i am afraid of heights!

Since i was like 5 years old- no joke I would fake sick and come home and watch The Price is Right, i LOVED this show always and i found out on like day 3 that Price is Right had a show right down the street at Ballys! This might be lame but i was choked i have always wanted to see this show live! I just want to spin the wheel and play plinko!Needless to say I didn't get to see it =/

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  1. haha you seriously make me laugh girl! you comment on your lack of skills! pfft you have some pretty serious skills girl! these pictures are really good! and that vending machine i have never seen one before! crazy haha didn't know that you could buy electronics from a vending machine! ha ha cool beans there chica!


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