~FeBrUaRy FaVoRitEs~

8:53 PM

These are just a few things i have been liking in February... they might not be anything to special but I think they are worth checking out!

*HAir CaRe*

I just started trying out Chi products, i always look at them but i just don't like the price tag, so i thought i would test out a mini version of the Chi silk infusion and it is awesome! It is a heat protectant and makes your hair feel fairly soft. It also says it is for skin so that was kind of weird but after you put it in your hair you can rub it in your hands and its so soft! I got this little tester size for like $2.00

Every Guru on YouTube talks about this so i had to test it out. It is an inexpensive heat protectant that you can buy that actually works. It's not amazing but it is worth the $6 and I will try anything to save my hair from being fried.

Next is Bed Head After Party- This product is great for after you blow dry, flat iron, or after any styling tools used on your hair. It is a smoothing creme that makes your hair smell great and gives it a silky touch. You only need a little bit of this so it will last fairly long, I got this one for around $10.00 

 Love this L'oreal Elnett hair spray! It is my all time favorite hair spray. It isn't crunchy but it will hold your hair in place, it says on the bottle that it brushes out-and it actually does. The only problem I find if i used to much and when i brush it out it will leave some residue behind but other then that its great. 

I have been using a lot of L'oreal products lately, I purchased this mouse after I saw the commercial ( yes i fell for that) and it is to add volume to your hair. It doesn't give me anything worth bragging about but it helps for sure and it is reasonably priced, I am pretty sure it is the same as their last studio mouse that came out in the white bottle- just different packaging. But it was worth a try. It does have a nice scent to it and does not make your hair all greasy feeling.

   * SkIn CaRe*

 This is definitely my favorite face wipe ever! I have been using them for a couple months now and they are awesome. These wipes removed most makeup and works pretty good on water proof mascara, These wipes are only like $5.00, so worth it!

My new FAVORITE face wash & Toner! LOVE this stuff. I have mentioned this product before, i had the travel set but I was at the Body Shop on the weekend and it was a 2 for 1 deal so for $12.00 I had to buy it. This stuff really cleans your skin and is great for oily skin.The smell is really nice as well.

I cannot even say how much i love this lotion, it smells so fricken good I could eat it!! If you are not a big scent person then it might be a bit much as it has quite the smell- I can't even explain the smell I am terrible at describing smells. It is moisturizing and smells so great. This product is very expensive so I only buy it once or twice a year. A bottle can run up to $25. I did find some bottles on ebay for half the price so I might try that next time.


The new Escada TAJ Sunset is AMAZING-as all of their perfumes are. I didn't buy the bottle just yet- I will! but I know a lady who works in the perfume section at the Bay where i live and she gave me a handful of a bunch of samples to try, This one is sweet and fruity,very tropically. Reminds me of summer-great scent! I find that these aren't very strong, or they don't last on me all day but I still will purchase since it is such a nice smell!

And the last favorite is just for fun-as it is snowy and cold here, i just got inside from shoveling a good foot and then some of snow!
My skull mitts! It was somewhere between -25'C and -31'C- My IPhone cannot decide what the temperature is but it is so COLD!!!

Hopefully these were not all old products everyone has already seen before. What were your February Favorites?

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  1. I love the tresemme stuff! <3 .. I've been wanting to try out face wipes too! I heard that the oil of olay kind is really good too and it takes off all of your makeup! So I'm gonna try that shit out! for sure! haha And I love those mits! LOVE skulls! ;-)


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