Body Shop

~FeBrUaRy FaVoRitEs~

8:53 PM

These are just a few things i have been liking in February... they might not be anything to special but I think they are worth checking out!

*HAir CaRe*

I just started trying out Chi products, i always look at them but i just don't like the price tag, so i thought i would test out a mini version of the Chi silk infusion and it is awesome! It is a heat protectant and makes your hair feel fairly soft. It also says it is for skin so that was kind of weird but after you put it in your hair you can rub it in your hands and its so soft! I got this little tester size for like $2.00

Every Guru on YouTube talks about this so i had to test it out. It is an inexpensive heat protectant that you can buy that actually works. It's not amazing but it is worth the $6 and I will try anything to save my hair from being fried.

Next is Bed Head After Party- This product is great for after you blow dry, flat iron, or after any styling tools used on your hair. It is a smoothing creme that makes your hair smell great and gives it a silky touch. You only need a little bit of this so it will last fairly long, I got this one for around $10.00 

 Love this L'oreal Elnett hair spray! It is my all time favorite hair spray. It isn't crunchy but it will hold your hair in place, it says on the bottle that it brushes out-and it actually does. The only problem I find if i used to much and when i brush it out it will leave some residue behind but other then that its great. 

I have been using a lot of L'oreal products lately, I purchased this mouse after I saw the commercial ( yes i fell for that) and it is to add volume to your hair. It doesn't give me anything worth bragging about but it helps for sure and it is reasonably priced, I am pretty sure it is the same as their last studio mouse that came out in the white bottle- just different packaging. But it was worth a try. It does have a nice scent to it and does not make your hair all greasy feeling.

   * SkIn CaRe*

 This is definitely my favorite face wipe ever! I have been using them for a couple months now and they are awesome. These wipes removed most makeup and works pretty good on water proof mascara, These wipes are only like $5.00, so worth it!

My new FAVORITE face wash & Toner! LOVE this stuff. I have mentioned this product before, i had the travel set but I was at the Body Shop on the weekend and it was a 2 for 1 deal so for $12.00 I had to buy it. This stuff really cleans your skin and is great for oily skin.The smell is really nice as well.

I cannot even say how much i love this lotion, it smells so fricken good I could eat it!! If you are not a big scent person then it might be a bit much as it has quite the smell- I can't even explain the smell I am terrible at describing smells. It is moisturizing and smells so great. This product is very expensive so I only buy it once or twice a year. A bottle can run up to $25. I did find some bottles on ebay for half the price so I might try that next time.


The new Escada TAJ Sunset is AMAZING-as all of their perfumes are. I didn't buy the bottle just yet- I will! but I know a lady who works in the perfume section at the Bay where i live and she gave me a handful of a bunch of samples to try, This one is sweet and fruity,very tropically. Reminds me of summer-great scent! I find that these aren't very strong, or they don't last on me all day but I still will purchase since it is such a nice smell!

And the last favorite is just for fun-as it is snowy and cold here, i just got inside from shoveling a good foot and then some of snow!
My skull mitts! It was somewhere between -25'C and -31'C- My IPhone cannot decide what the temperature is but it is so COLD!!!

Hopefully these were not all old products everyone has already seen before. What were your February Favorites?


DruG StoRe HaUl

4:59 PM

I went to London Drugs to do a little shopping since there are a lot of sales right now ( I cannot resist a good deal!) and this is what i came home with...

Redken is one of my most favorite line for hair care,this kind is the color extend line. I usually am to cheap to buy this product often but it was on sale for $21.00 so I couldn't pass that up, I did only get the conditioner since i do have some of the shampoo left over from last time.I am not exactly sure but i believe I have paid almost $40.00 for a liter before so $21 was cheap!

The next product I got is the TRESemme 24 hour body spray gel. I haven't read any reviews on this particular product but I did watch a video from ForeverYours0727 this morning and she had used this product and her hair looked awesome. You can check out here video HERE . Since it was on sale for $3.99 I thought i would test it out.

SCRUBBBB! I am always trying to find a good body scrub and this is such a wicked product! I love it! This is my second  body scrubber I have purchased and i love it. It actually kind of hurts the first time you use it, its very scrubby but once you used it a couple times you don't notice it. It makes your skin so soft its great. This was a little pricey for me but you don't have to replace it too often, it was $5.99.

Practically ever beauty guru on YouTube talks of this face brush, I have heard you can find them at the Body Shop but I haven't actually found any in my city. I have never used this product before but always heard good things so I am going to test it out! It was $5.49.

Another hair product, surprise surprise. I think i spend most of my money at the drug store on different hair products. I saw a commercial for this mask last night and thought i may's well try this one, i have yet to find a hair deep conditioner that i actually find helps repair my hair.This one says it has pro-keratine and ceramide that hopefully help strengthen your hair? This  mask was $6.99.

 I love the Herbacin hand cream so i picked up a lip balm to test out this kind. It was a little pricey for me but hopefully it will be worth the $3.99.

Fructis hairspray is nothing to special to me but it work's alright. I got the Ultra Strong hold, its not as strong as it sounds. if you spray farther away from your hair it doesn't make it all crunchy and gross and it was on sale for $2.99 so that's a good price.

I was watching Fleur De Force yesterday and I saw she had picked up this Maybelline Volum'Express mascara -being the mascara junkie I am I needed to get it and test it out. It was only $6.99.  I haven't watched any reviews yet but if its great I will do a review of this product.(if anyone actually reads this blog! ;)

I am the absolute worst when it comes to finding a foundation, I can never get the color right or how much coverage i need. I don't usually wear it either but I just need to test out some until I find the right one. This was on sale for $4.49 so no biggie if it doesn't work out.

LAST PRODUCT, I did a double take when I saw this sitting on the shelf! I never thought i would be so determine to find and Aussie product but I have been looking for Months for this and been watching everyone on YouTube raving about this cheap deep conditioner that actually works. I was excited to find it so i grabbed it and left.. I realize now that I already bought it that it isn't the same kind everyone has been talking about =/  It doesn't have a very nice scent to it but if it will help condition my hair then I am sold for $3.99.

And that is all for my drug store haul! Has anyone tried any of these products before?


mInI MaScArA REviEw-GrAil oR fAiL

7:15 PM

I am a Mascara Junkie,i will try every drug store mascara for the most part. These were the latest ones I had kicking around, some of them are meant for the garbage and some of them I will repurchase for sure.

The first one was a surprise for me, i had never tried any Hard
Candy products until Walmart introduced these products.
(yes i buy a lot of products from Walmart, i'm a little bit cheap!) 
This mascara for $7ish dollars is not bad, it doesn't give you tons of volume or length but it's not bad for a cheaper mascara-might be good if you are looking for more nature kind of lashes.

Maybelline's FaLsies, it seems that most YouTube Guru's are loving this one, the brush is pretty different then most brushes as it is kind of like half a brush. I do find this lengthens and separates lashes. I don't have thick eye lashes so it does thicken them a little bit. I do find it a little flaky .This isn't my favorite mascara but i do find it in my top 5 for sure.

Revlon's grow luscious claims to help strengthen lashes and make them grow? This did nothing but make my lashes feel crunchy and stiff. The brush is so fat that I found it hard to even use correctly, this bottle is fairly full and will stay that way until it meets the garbage. Total Fail.

I have already kind of spoke about this one earlier on my blog,L'oreal's Voluminous Million Lashses, I Love it. IT lengthens and separate's your lashes. I don't find it over dramatic but it is good as a base coat,I used this first usually and then layer with L'oreal's Voluminous. This is Definitely a HG product.

ALL TIME favorite Mascara ever L'oreal's Voluminous, i have been buying this for years and I will most likely buy for years to come. This lengthens and thickens. This gives me the closest to thick long lashes as I will ever get!My HG for sure. The only con with this is it does flake near the end of the day.

Rimmel's Extra Super Lash is nothing that the name claims to be, I am not trying to dis it but it was basically a waste of money as this product did nothing of the sort. No Volume, No Length.FAIL.

My final mascara is Bad Gal Lash by Benefit, this is a popular product as well i have heard great things about it, so i decided i would try it. It was quite expensive and I didn't find anything to great about it. I found the brush was to fat and didn't go through my lashes very well. It also made them feel kind of crunchy, so for me i would not repurchase =/

Have you ever tried any of these?



8:51 PM

Okay i might be super Lame but it's not my fault... my sister made me watch this and i just find it amusing...


I Really get a kick out of these videos as well, and I know i have made everyone i know watch them, but i love to laugh!

And if us girls really act like this YIKES! ;)

Caesars Palace

VegA$ pArT 2

8:21 PM

Okay these are not that interesting but if you never ever seen Vegas or looked on Google here is a couple pictures ;)

This store was just crazy, i didn't realize this many things could have a picture of an mm on it. This store had like 4 floors!( i think 4) it was HUGE!! You name it it was in the store...

Maybe this is in the states but i've yet to see a Best Buy vending machine in Canada! i saw a couple of them while i was there and it was kinda neat, you could buy ipods, phone cases, chargers you name it. Pretty handy if you ever are needing a quick electronic buy while passing the chocolate bars or pop.

This was the statue at New York New York, i probably should have taken more interesting pictures here but I thought i had a ton of photos until i actually got home, i was kind of disappointed in my lack of picture taking skills.

These massive $12 gummie bears were at the wax museum at the Venetian, i just thought they were ridiculously big so i had to take a picture.

Also at the Venetian

This is the Entry to the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace, it is all the shopping you would ever need...if you were rich! They are the kind of stores that when someone like me walks by they question why you are standing near their store, they are very high class. But it was pretty need to see everything there.
Here is outside of Caesar's Palace, I tried to get the fountains but i was using my cell phone and the quality isn't the best in the dark.

This picture does not do justice for this Paris hotel, this tower is 460 feet tall looking over the strip.. I made it to the elevator but chickened out and didn't go up.. yep i am afraid of heights!

Since i was like 5 years old- no joke I would fake sick and come home and watch The Price is Right, i LOVED this show always and i found out on like day 3 that Price is Right had a show right down the street at Ballys! This might be lame but i was choked i have always wanted to see this show live! I just want to spin the wheel and play plinko!Needless to say I didn't get to see it =/

Caesars Palace

VeGa$ TrIp/PiCturES

4:40 PM

I got back from Las Vegas Saturday Morning at 3am...Which is my first real trip anywhere, i mean i have been to a couple places but it was always with my family to see family so this was like a trip trip. and my first trip with my boyfriend and my friends. It was a blast!What a City!! There is so much to say about that place i wont be able to think of it all just yet.Here are just a couple Pictures from that crazy city!

Here is not a great picture but i guess i didnt take as many as i needed to on the trip =/ But this is one side of the hotel-the side that we were staying in

This was the view from our hotel room, these two pictures are similar but you can see the Paris hotel in this shot:

And the Bellagio in this one:

We stayed at Caesar's Palace in the Augustus Tower Deluxe Room. We had originally got the standard room online but when we got there i asked how much it would be to upgrade as i looked online and the standard room was yuck.. So we got the Deluxe room for $150 on top of what we had already paid but for 3 nights that isn't bad.. it regularly is $150 extra a night rather then the $50 we paid.Man was it worth it!! I could see the Bellagio fountains right from my room it was amazing!! Here are a couple room pictures!

 King size bed was awesome!

Nice Tile Shower!

 Tv in the bathroom! Pretty cool.

Nice Mini bar that i did NOT use!Coffee was $12!! i didn’t have a coffee the entire time in Vegas, it was quite difficult.

I honestly felt fancy in this room lol. I certainly don't have a lot of money so this was by far more then i would have ever expected, it was a very cool experience.
Have you ever been to Vegas?

Bath And Body Works

ReCenT BuYs

3:50 PM

I have been doing  a little shopping in the last few weeks and found some wicked sales so i went a little over board at a couple places..opps!

Here is some things i bought at Bath and Body Works, I seriously could buy everything in the store!!

I got all this stuff for around $60, which might sound like a ton but it was actually a good price.. there was a lip gloss also that i for got to put in the picture.
I got:-Deep Aqua cooling mist
         -3 Hand sanitizers
         -a massive 3 wick Pineapple Orchid Candle that is so delicious
         -a mini candle Pineapple Mango scent
         -3 hand soaps of their new fragrances they just came out with in Canada
         -Sweet Pea Body scrub
         - and last but not least a Vanilla Mint Lip Gloss

And of course afterward the kids like to play in the bags!
Next i went to the Body shop and picked up the travel size of the Seaweed facial wash,toner, day and night creme. I have watched reviews on this product and Saaammage mentions it in a couple of her videos. Here is a Link to that video: Saaammage. It definitely makes your skin feel clean!

The next purchase i got was at Sephora In Las Vegas! I have been on the hunt for the Urban Decay Naked palette for umm about 8 MONTHS and no city i have gone to has it!! i have tried to get it online for months and right after my last order online i got an email saying it was in stock, figures so i wasn't going to pay double shipping. I think i am giving up on it... I decided I will try the Too Faces Naked Eye.I have heard quite a few good reviews on this pallet and i will give it a try.

I have only had the chance to use it once but it has very nice neutral colors in it that will go with everyday or dress it up for night looks.

I am really liking Benefit products lately, i had gotten the sample of this product from Sephora and loved it so i had to buy the full size of it. It was only $10 so what the heck!

And LASTLY MY LOVE!!!! I had to get a few Monsters as they were on sale for: 4 for $7.99-Yes that is expensive but i usually pay $3 per Monster and i LOVE them!!! I usually have up to 6 a week =/ yes that is bad for me but it is the one thing i cannot live without. =)

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