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6:58 PM

Just a few things I have picked up!

 I found this on sale today at Shoppers Drug Mart for $9.99! How can you go wrong with that?? I tried it today, it wasn't amazing but i liked it so far. creates a smooth canvas for your look.

 I have been Testing out the Hard Candy Products at Walmart, they are great for something  affordable and are fairly pigmented. Good for beginners like me...

MY ALL time FAVORITE Mascara, i LOVE Voluminous, so i thought i would test out Million Lashes and it is a great mascara for separating and no clumping. I always apply voluminous over top of all mascaras to get the fullness.

 I am a big fan of Escada scents. i Like the fruityness of them, i highly recommend Marine Groove. Very pretty scent! I am not a fan of the limited editions as i do not want to over use this and not be able to find it again.

  I am a HUGEEE BLINK 182 fan... I found this Atticus bag at Detox for $19.00 which will come in handy for my Vegas trip next month!

I have no idea what brand Foxy Jeans is, i might not be a big fan of the logo on the front But i can carry it facing me so it isn't facing everyone. My friend spotted this bag at Costco for $20.00..

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